Business Values

Fab Rick's is a business, but it's also just one human - me, Candace Stevenson! As such, my values and the business's values are basically identical. Here they are, as of late June 2024:

1. I'll do my best to love, support, amplify, share, and credit folks, especially those from marginalized backgrounds and groups.

2. I don't tolerate any abusive behavior or talk. My online and physical spaces are safe spaces for queer people, trans and nonbinary people, Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, neurodivergent people, disabled people, people of all sizes and shapes, people on the spectrum - we're all people! When I inevitably make a mistake, I welcome any feedback you have the energy to give.

3. Approximately every quarter, 5% of profits are donated to a rotating list of charities. Past beneficiaries include the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, World Central Kitchen, Facing Homelessness, and Middle East Children's Alliance.

4. No Fat Tax here. If you're fat and need more than 5 yards of fabric to make a garment that fits you, you can use code "nofattax" for 15% off that fabric. To ensure the longevity of this discount, please only use it if you are a fat maker who is struggling to afford the appropriate amount of fabric needed for your project.